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Our mission is to provide fire support to Community, Industry, Business & Government

Our Key People

Director of Fire Safety & Training – Timothy Wainwright

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Timothy Wainwright is a seasoned leader in the fire safety and training industry, bringing an impressive 27 years of expertise to the table. His career spans a diverse range of roles including firefighter, fire protection consultant, professional lifeguard and military service, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to public safety & community service.

As commander of our Fire & Emergency Response Teams, Timothy overseas operations both domestically & internationally. Timothy is instrumental in the development & facilitation of comprehensive fire & safety education & training programs & public safety programs & initiatives.

As an Accredited Practitioner in Fire Safety being able to inspect and certify all fire safety measures, Timothy spearheads our fire safety consultation & fire compliance section, providing strategic direction for fire safety programs & initiatives. His many years of practical experience and theoretical knowledge shapes our approach to providing fire and safety services.  

Director of Operations – Alan Wainwright

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Alan Wainwright brings an impressive 30-year track record of leadership and expertise in the fire/emergency services and fire protection industry. His multifaceted career also encompasses roles as a professional lifeguard and includes military and law enforcement experience. In addition, Alan also has distinguished service within the NSW Rural Fire Service and Surf Life Saving Australia. As a Medical Scientist, in addition to serving as a fire team leader, Alan assumes the pivotal role of Senior Medical Officer within our Event Medical and First Aid Team, ensuring the highest standards of medical care during operations. His authority extends to senior fire safety consultation, where he leverages his wealth of experience to guide strategic fire safety initiatives. Alan’s dynamic leadership spearheads our fire operations, setting the standard for excellence within our organization.  

Senior Consultant – Chris Wainwright

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Over 50 years of fire & emergency services & fire protection industry experience. Chris has served as a professional urban fire rescue officer, country fire officer & wildfire specialist. Trained and experienced in both Aboriginal bushland management & bushfire practices, Chris is head of bushfire mitigation & fire operations and is our senior fire consultant.

Medical Officer – Rochelle Weston

Over 25 years of medical experience as a Registered Nurse, Rochelle is a key Medical Officer in our Fire & Emergency Response Teams as well as our Event Medical and First Aid Teams.

Our Equipment:

Firefighting Vehicle A: is a fire service built 4WD light fire tanker, Category 9 fire fighting vehicle. It has a water capacity of 700L and contains fire/emergency equipment required for fire operations.

Firefighting Vehicle B: is a fire service built 4WD light fire tanker, Category 9 fire fighting vehicle. It has a water capacity of 500L and contains fire/emergency equipment required for fire operations.

PPE – Fire Support uses fire industry certified Personal Protective Equipment & Uniforms during fire & emergency operations & bushfire protection and prevention operations.

Insurance: Fire Support holds $20-million in Public Liability Insurance.

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